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Product Details

The HSP 58" Bolt-On Tractionbars for 4in Axle Diameter is something that works for everyone. This is a kit that works for stock trucks, drag trucks, street monsters, and more. You won’t want to be the one missing out when it comes to our industry-leading kits.

Why Would you need an HSP 58" Bolt-On Tractionbars for 4in Axle Diameter kit?

The biggest thing to remember is that diesel trucks in particular are extremely front-end heavy. This is because of the heavy engine bays, plow setups, and systems that are common in the diesel industry. Because of all this heavy front weight and lack of weight over the rear tires combined with all of the torque that is made causes something called WHEEL HOP. Wheel hop is when the tires attempt to get traction and the wheels literally bounce up and down. Now while this sounds like it’s not a big deal and it’s almost funny, it is a much larger problem than you think. Wheel hop is not only dangerous in terms of driving but it can cause catastrophic failures of suspension systems, including but not limited to driveshafts, axles, yokes, and u-joints. As well we all have to remember if you are spinning you are not winning!

What does the HSP 58" Bolt-On Traction bars for 4in Axle Diameter do Differently?

The biggest thing that the HSP 58" Bolt-On Tractionbars for 4in Axle Diameter does is plant your suspension. What we mean by this is we take different points of the axle and tie them into the frame. This then allows that power transfer to happen and helps keeps the axle from moving. When the axle is not moving while torque and power are attempting to be put down to the ground that power is now actually making its way to the ground. This makes a massive difference in the power you are putting down to the ground. These kits also come with top-of-the-line parts these are not the cheap traction bar kits you have seen before that eventually clunk or don’t actually fit right. Those cheaper kits with less than stellar parts while you may think they look good are actually making the problem worse. Our kits are proven by drag racers, street monsters, and even everyday use. With millions of miles on our kits, we can stand by our product and say it will not only look the best but is going to work better than you could have ever hoped. Our kit is the easiest to install on the market and is a well-engineered affordable solution to help with wheel hop.

What comes with the HSP 58" Bolt-On Traction bars for 4in Axle Diameter kit?

  • (2) Flex Joint (3/4" -16 Thread, Bolt Dia. .625")
  • (2) Jam Nut (3/4" - 16)
  • (8) 1/2" x 1.062" OD Low Carbon Flat Washer
  • (8) 1/2" - 13 x 1-1/2" Grade 8 Hex Flange Bolt
  • (8) 1/2" - 13 Eco Finish Steel Top Lock Nut
  • (1) 1/2" Pull Wire
  • (1) 30mm Step drill bit
  • (2) 5/8" - 11x3-1/4" Grade 8 Bolt
  • (2) 5/8" - 11x3-3/4" Grade 8 Bolt
  • (4) 5/8" - 11 Nylon Lock Nut
  • (8) 5/8" Washer
  • (4) Polyurethane Bushings
  • (2) bushing Inserts (DOM Tubing)
  • (4) 1/8" Aluminum Rivet

    How do people know the VIN code?

    Engine code is dictated by the 8th character of the VIN number. The 10th character is the year of the truck.


    • Complete Bolt-on for most Applications
    • Powder Coating options to fit your truck including custom colors
    • Upgraded Complete Rear Brackets for increased Strength
    • Easy to install And no special tools required
    • Allows you to put more power to the ground and actually get traction
    • Multiple Options of lengths available to make sure it fits right the first time

    Our Warranty


    At HSP we believe in our products and we stand firmly behind every single one that leaves our facility. For years we have taken care of almost everything & anything that our customers had issues with, but we didn’t have a “set in stone” warranty. We have always gone above and beyond for our customers which set us apart from the rest. We will continue that same standard, but now we are taking things to the next level. Below you will be able to clearly read & understand our “No BS” warranty, its process, and the guidelines in which to follow.

    For More information about our Lifetime, No BS Warranty click HERE.