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DESCRIPTION The Fleece Coolant Bypass Kit will improve the coolant flow to the rear cylinders in your 2019-2022 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins. The rear cylinders on your engine lack the proper amount of coolant flow, and consequently experience the hottest temperatures. This increase in temperatures can cause too much pressure to build in the cooling system and blow out the freeze plugs or the plugs under the valve cover. This coolant bypass kit adds a secondary thermostat that uses temperature instead of excessive pressure. By ensuring consistent temperatures across all six cylinders, this solves the problem before pressure becomes an issue. This design seamlessly integrates with the cooling system in your truck for a factory fit-and-finish. FEATURES: Braided Hose With -AN O-Ring Fittings Prevents Damaging Coolant Pressure Build Up Lowers Coolant Temperature At The rear Cylinders Ensures Consistent Temperatures Across All Cylinders Kit Includes: Mounting Hardware New EGR Cross-Over Tube Gaskets Rear Coolant Bypass Thermostat Housing Front Coolant Bypass Thermostat Housing Black Braided Nylon Coolant Bypass Hose With -AN Fittings.