Duramax Tuner Stealth 67mm Drop In VGT Turbo - 17-21 L5P

Duramax Tuner Stealth 67mm Drop In VGT Turbo - 17-21 L5P

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Jeremy Benion
Josh is the man always reach back to me when I contact him

Turbo is wonderful it does what it says it does. I love it got two of my buddies are going to order the same one

Product Details

 Stealth 67G2 VGT - L5P 750 rear wheel horsepower capable the Stealth 67G2 VGT is an easy to install upgrade that spools up quickly, controls EGT's under heavy load, allows to turbine braking during towing scenarios, and kicks ass when leaned on. Building this line of Stealth's meant designing a turbo that would be safe to tow with, fun to drive every day and perform at competitions. If you think street-able, clean, stock-appearing power is cool then this is the turbo for you!

The L5P Stealth 67G2 features the largest turbine and vanes available in this frame. Increasing turbine size dramatically reduces drive pressure under heavy load, helping you achieve nearly a 1:1 drive to boost ratio under most operating conditions. Controlling drive pressure helps make more power and significantly lowers EGT's.

Duramax Tuner Stealth 67mm Drop In VGT Turbo Features:

  • 750 RWHP verified with upgraded fuel system
  • 100% Stock Appearing
  • Custom Nozzle Ring Assembly (Vane Cage and Vanes) create the fastest spooling and highest flowing drop-in style variable geometry turbocharger available
  • 82 lbs/min of Air Flow vs 60 lbs/min stock
  • Custom Billet 67mm Compressor Wheel
  • Completely bolt-on (fits just like your factory turbocharger)
  • New Assembly - NO CORE CHARGE
  • Fully Functional Exhaust Brake
  • Quick Spool-Up = Useable Horsepower
  • Wide Torque Curve
  • Distinctive Throaty Howl
  • Great for Towing and Fun to Drive
  • 12 month Warranty
  • For more information on Duramax Tuner call us at 970-631-5602