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Get the same high quality you've come to expect from Beans Diesel at a price that's easier on your wallet with the Beans Diesel 280031 Beans Machine Micro Sump. Based off Beans original sump, the Micro features the same 1 hole, 1 bolt installation for a fast install that doesn't require dropping the tank. Simply drill a single 1-1/2" hole and place the inner ring inside the tank. The Oring design prevents leaks and the standpipe cut into the sump reduces the amount of sediments that get into your fuel filter. This entire design has worked so well that it's been copied by companies in China, so beware of cheap knock-offs! The Micro Sump can be used as a fuel feed or return making it perfect for use with today's high flow lift pumps. 

Made In The USA!
Stainless Steel Hardware
Brass 1/2" Pushlock Fitting
Requires A Single 1-1/2" Hole
O-ring Design For A Perfect Seal Works With Aftermarket Lift Pumps Billet 6061 Aluminum Construction
Note: A hole saw or drain is not included. You will need a 1-1/2" hole saw for installation