BD-POWER 1045780 COBRA TWIN TURBO KIT S361SX-E/S476SX-E - sunny-diesel-performance


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Is your Cummins ready for a breath of fresh air? How about enough fresh air to support 900-1400 horsepower? If so, this complete, ready to bolt-on kit from the engineers at BD is what you've been looking for. BD Diesel's engineers have designed and built the Cobra kit for maximum power and efficiency, while remaining compact. The clean, optimized design keeps your air conditioning and shock tower in their stock position.

Its true, that with advancements in ECM tuning, your Cummins is capable of some huge power numbers, and couple that with increased fueling via performance injectors and larger injection pump(s), you're quickly knocking on the four digit horsepower mark. But all of that is wasted unless you can provide the engine with ample airflow. While some take the route of a large single turbo, this has its disadvantages as low RPM airflow is very limited, which hurts general drivability. And while there are some ways to combat this, by far the most tried and true method is via compounding turbochargers where you can have the best of both worlds.

Borg Warner twin turbos matched to provide the wide range of air needed for Street and Strip performance. BD's kit includes everything you need for bolt-on next-level performance, 900-1400 flywheel horsepower, in a compact package.

Cast for the SX4 5.75 half marmon turbine outlet, this ultra-close radius bend has been widened, allowing maximum flow with zero restriction.

T6 Cobra split flow cast connection provides even flow to twin volute turbine housing for quick response.

Cold air intake shields out hot engine bay temperatures and Velocity stack filter enhances washable air filter, designed to handle 2,320 CFM. Connection includes MAF sensor ports.

  • Primary: S476SX-E / 96mm 1.58 AR
  • Secondary: S361SX-E / 76mm 1.00 AR
  • Borg Warner Twin Turbos matched to provide the wide range of air needed for Street and Strip performance
  • 900-1400 flywheel horsepower in a compact package
  • Clean, optimized design keeps Air Conditioning and Shock Tower in the stock position
  • Wastegate ready exhaust manifold
  • 5in turbo outlet close-radius Cobra casting
  • 5in downpipe
  • Retains passenger battery with custom mounting tray
  • 5in Velocity stack air filter and filter shroud
  • V-band on the inlet to the secondary turbo
  • Custom coolant tube and formed silicone hose
  • Twin volute divided hot pipe
  • 12-Months
  • 12,000 Miles