BD-POWER 1045770 SCREAMER PERFORMANCE HE351 TURBOCHARGER - sunny-diesel-performance


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There are numerous turbo upgrades on the market for 6.7L Cummins. However, the majority of these upgraded turbos require you to eliminate the factory VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) in favor of a non-VGT, also requiring a different exhaust manifold, and numerous other items to make the conversion. In doing so, you also lose your factory exhaust brake. While these upgraded turbos are an excellent upgrade for those looking to make big power or eliminate the VGT for various reasons, for most, its simply not necessary or feasible. If you're like many and just want a good, reliable turbo that you can literally drop in place of the original and get a big boost in performance, this Screamer Turbo from BD is your answer.

Featuring an upgraded 64.5mm Ballistic Compressor Wheel and Low MOI (Moment of Inertia) 70mm Quick Spool Turbine Wheel, you'll see a huge gain in airflow which equates to more power, lower temperatures, and better fuel economy. Further, it features a brand new, factory Holset VGT actuator. Most other companies use either cheap, aftermarket actuators or reuse core (used) actuators, but unfortunately, all of these fail, and the only method to ensure reliability is starting with a brand new unit from the original manufacturer.

WARRANTY: 12 Months.