BD-POWER 1045754 RUMBLE B S364.5SX-E TURBO KIT - sunny-diesel-performance


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The Rumble B Series of turbo kits for your Cummins are designed to deliver the most reliable, best performing, bolt-on kit you'll find to eliminate the failure prone stock VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo). Your truck will benefit from lower EGT's with balanced exhaust expulsion, and you'll gain more boost to deliver higher power levels.

Starting right at the head, you'll receive a three piece, Pulse Flow exhaust manifold that will center the turbo on the head, as opposed to the offset design of your stock manifold. Bolting up to that, you get one of the highly acclaimed SX-E turbos for fast, high velocity spool up that will deliver more boost and lower EGT's, capable of supporting 600 horsepower. To get massive cool air forced into the SX-E is a custom built air box with a cleanable air filter that is specifically designed to work with this turbo kit. And finally, the kit also includes a high flowing downpipe to accommodate for the new turbo location. IMPORTANT NOTES:
  • This product requires custom tuning designed for removal of the stock VGT turbo and a high flowing, turbo back exhaust system.
  • 12 Months
  • 12,000 Miles