AFE 51-73004 PRO DRY S MOMENTUM HD INTAKE SYSTEM 2008-2010 FORD 6.4L POWERSTROKE - sunny-diesel-performance


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The AFE 51-73004 Pro Dry S Momentum HD Intake System is the next generation of intake systems for your 08-10 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke. Featuring a one piece housing and oil-free "dry" filter

Unique One-Piece Housing:
The smooth one-piece sealed housing with auxiliary air scoop is used to eliminate the use of multiple-piece housings and ensure the coolest air intake charge available. A urethane plug is also included for those cold weather applications where you want to block the auxiliary air scoop. A large, stainless steel plate is used for an aggressive style.

Huge PRO Dry S Performance Air Filter:
The Momentum HD is designed around a massive PRO Dry S performance 360 degree radial flow air filter with 3-layers of progressive synthetic media providing 99.2% cumulative efficiency. The unique air filter to housing interface (patent pending) allows for maximum filter size which increases the available air volume while simplifying the installation process. The air filter is wrapped in reinforced metal providing maximum strength to prevent filter collapse.

Premium Hardware:
Premium stainless steel T-bolt clamps and a 2-ply reinforced silicone hump coupler at the turbo is used for strength and durability while also providing the most secure installation available. Momentum HD intakes are designed with fewer parts for a quick and simple installation.

Proven Results: After a rigorous design and testing phase, the results are in. The Momentum HD intake system outflowed the factory intake by 21% and produces 20 additional horsepower and 35lbs. x ft. torque.

Unique One-Piece Housing
3-Layer Performance Air Filter
Power, Protection and Simplicity