AFE 46-20132-B GT SERIES INTERCOOLER & TUBE COMBO 2013-2018 DODGE 6.7L CUMMINS - sunny-diesel-performance


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The AFE 46-20132-B GT Series Intercooler & Tube Combo for your 2013-2018 Dodge 6.7L Cummins represents the next generation of Intercoolers. Featuring a 6" bar and plate core design, that is 20% larger than stock, this intercooler outflows the OE system by up to 16%!

End Tanks:

The unique BladeRunner end tanks are constructed out of 3/16 aluminum plates and incorporate multi-directional vane technology.
Multi-Directional Vane Technology:
The BladeRunner MDV technology is used to direct hot air flow through the entire intercooler core, which allows for greater cooling than competitors units.

6" Bar and Plate Core Design:

The use of the bar and plate core design allows for greater airflow and increased heat dissipation over the much smaller tube and fin design used by the OEM. This intercooler also features 2-3/4" inlet/outlet connections compatible with stock intercooler tubes. This intercooler outflows OE style tube and fin core designs by 16%!


100% TIG-Welded by certified craftsmen for strength and durability. TIG-Welding provides the strongest welds while reducing stress cracks.

Pressure Tested:

The BladeRunner Intercooler is test pressure rated at 200psi. 

Flow and Performance:

The intercooler tubes are constructed of 3" mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing for maximum flow then powder-coated wrinkle-black for heat and corrosion resistance. The smooth mandrel bends allow for low turbulence, while increasing horsepower and torque.

aFe Badging:

A unique aluminum laser-cut aFe power logo plate is welded-on for an aggressive style.
Installation Is A Snap:
Utilizes the factory mounting locations to provide stability for a hassle-free installation. Includes constant tension, spring loaded, T-bolt clamps for a leak-free seal and heavy-duty 5-Ply polyester reinforced silicone couplings for strength.

Outflows Stock Intercooler Pressure Test Rated @ 200 PSI 3" Mandrel-Bent Stainless Steel Tubes 6" Bar & Plate Core Design Is 20% Larger Than Stock Incorporates Multi-Directional Vane (MDV) Technology  100% Tig-Welded By Certified Craftsmen For Strength & Durability