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Edge Insight cts2 Monitor 84130 - sunny-diesel-performance

Edge Insight cts2 Monitor 84130

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  •  5" high-resolution, full-color, touchscreen
  •  Perfect for those that want to monitor engine performance without reprogramming vehicles
  •  Works with ODBII enabled vehicles (ODBII was Federally mandated on 1996 & newer vehicles)
  •  Video input allows for linking of Edge or other reverse cameras
  •  Works with other custom tuning products
  •  Multiple gauge screen layouts
  •  Customizable backgrounds
  •  Easy touchscreen navigation
Don't underestimate the importance of knowing what's going on under your hood. The Edge CTS2 Insight monitor makes it easy to keep a close eye on engine parameters, and in doing so, makes you a better driver.

The Edge CTS2 Insight monitor will work with any ODBII vehicle. ODBII has been federally mandated since 1996, so if your ride was built in Clinton's second term or newer, you're good to go. 

Installation is simple, and the Insight will also work with other Edge accessories, making this much more than a simple digital gauge. You can monitor vehicle parameters in multiple different ways, giving you the ability to drive you truck or car to the maximum.

If you're looking for the monitoring capabilities of a performance chip, but aren't interested in reprogramming your ride, don't look any further than Edge CTS2 Insight digital gauge. Get yours today!